Guarantee Conditions

 Guarantee conditions of EHEIM GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

We offer the end user of this product a manufacturer guarantee of 3 (2) years from the date of sale if this product was purchased from an EHEIM-authorised specialist dealer.

  1. This guarantee is subject to the condition that the respective operating manual as well as the specified installation instructions and hazard warnings were observed.
  2. The guarantee covers material and manufacturing defects but not damage caused by external factors or improper handling. It consists of the replacement or repair of the defective components, whereby EHEIM decides which.
  3. Wear parts (e.g.:  seals, suction devices, axes, pump wheels, light sources, pH electrodes, filter media, such as filter cartridges, as well as UVC burners), glass damage and the opening of the product, as well as structural changes or the use of non-EHEIM original parts are excluded from the guarantee.
  4. Further claims against us are excluded.  In particular, if legally permissible, we assume no liability for consequential damage arising from this product.
  5. The EHEIM manufacturer guarantee offers buyers a free repair under guarantee of their EHEIM product if the original invoice or receipt (including the specification of the purchase date, product type and name of the dealer) is presented or sent to an EHEIM service point together with the product that is to be examined.
  6. All products under guarantee that are sent to EHEIM must be protected from transport damage and EHEIM must incur no costs from the shipment.


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